Let's Interact

For Individual Services

WeI will require the followings from you:

  1. Signature Specimen in Triplicate over a plain paper (Scanned version not advisable)
  2. First Name, Middle Name and Surname in Block letters
  3. Name, as you are trying to write in the signature
  4. Postal Address and Phone contact Details
  5. E-mail ID (if available)
  6. The basic purpose of referring to us, if the signature specimen is of any person other than the sender.

For Corporate Servces

We will require the followings:

  1. Full name of the Company, address and other contact details including the website address if available.
  2. Nature of the company’s existing businesses
  3. Company’s existing Logo, visiting card, Letterhead in case of existing company
  4. Company’s present/ planned work force and approximate annual turnover
  5. The names and specimen signature samples of main decision making Directors (Top 3 Maximum)
  6. The satisfactory proof of the authorization by the company to that representative who wants to interact with us on company’s behalf
  7. Details of the services the company proposes to avail from us.
  8. The volume and frequency of such services
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