For Individuals

Personal Enhanchment

Analyzing your present signatures and Designing your new signatures as per your dreams for life. Merely changing the signatures can change your 370 qualities like confidence, intuition, self-esteem, impressions, efficiency, presentation skill and can improve your relationships. Deep rooted evils and bad habits can also be corrected.

Signature Sample1 Signature Sample2
Labourious, Honest but too weak Personality Very good Personality, Diplomatic and efficient
Physical Ailment

Most of the times, the sickness is due to negative approach of mind. Such situations can be read from signatures. Calm, quite and energetic state of mind improves the health in general. This can be achieved just by changing the signature.

Signature Sample3 Signature Sample4
Suffering from Headaches Frequently Healthy Person

Knowing Others

Before entering into any relationship with any other individual, including for marriage purpose, partnership, etc. you can seek my guidance just by availing us their and your Signatures. Pre-judgment of characteristics of superiors, subordinates, business contacts and even blood relations does help in deciding our steps while dealing with them.

Signature Sample5 Signature Sample6
Expert in Befooling Bosses, Spouse, Father and Partners Humble, Honest and caring for Bosses, Spouse, Father and Partners

For Corporates & Other Such Organisations

Logo & Stationary Designing

The Company Logo, Symbol and Visiting card is basically the signature of the company. company’s Logo, Symbol and Visiting card reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Further, it is not only Logo which affects the performance but even the Fonts and colours you use in writing the Company name.
Important is not only the Logo but placement of your company Logo and Logo of your vendors (For a Trading Company), in all your stationery designs including name cards, in websites, advertisements etc wherever you use it.
I can inform weaknesses and strengths of the organization merely by a look on the visiting cards and can redesign the complete stationery as per Signature Science. I claim, and even willing to give Performance Bank Guarantee that the new design will result in better overall performance including profitability.
In my designs I try to see that all necessary strengths in your Company are above average and there are no weaker areas. Your overall net earning by way of improved turnover, profitability, productivity, reduction in wastage/thefts/ bad debts will improve tremendously.

Selection of Personnel

Candidate’s signatures will reveal their suitability for particular task. Due to my previous experience as a decision maker in the companies I worked before taking up this profession, I know the qualities required for particular posts and thus can definitely give perfect recommendations for any post from peon to president.

Signature Sample7 Signature Sample8
Hard working Delegates
Searching the Black Sheep

At times it becomes difficult to pinpoint the individual who is dragging the organization downward by unfair means. Report on his Signature helps the company in such cases.

Signature Sample9 Signature Sample10
Expert in Befooling Bosses, Spouse, Father and Partners Humble, Honest and caring for Bosses, Spouse, Father and Partners
Partial Layoffs

Economic Considerations necessitates the reduction in work force. Just their signatures can be used to sort out inefficient and less productive personnel.

Personality Enhancement

Personality Development Seminars can be replaced by Showing the Mirror program. Employees can weigh their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses over various desirable parameters and can try to enhance their qualities. Signature Correction drive, a cheaper, faster and surest way to improve the performance of individuals, can also be arranged.

Signature Sample11 Signature Sample12
Dishonest Person Thoroughly Honest Person
Training Seminars

Primary or detailed knowledge can be imparted to authorities responsible for negotiations. I will educate about the hidden language of signatures and this (if applied for opponents) will help in better equipping the negotiator.

For Social Organizations/ Educational Institutes


I expect the following basics for any Social Organization/ Educational Institution who are willing to have my lectures, wherein I educate the audience on basic formulas to read signatures.

  1. An audience of minimum 50 persons within Mumbai, Minimum 100 persons within the vicinity of Mumbai and Minimum 150 persons for a distant place.
  2. The venue must be free from any type of disturbance.
  3. Permission from all the Government authorities whatsoever will be the responsibility of the organizer and in no way the speaker will be liable or answerable to any such requirement.
  4. Some arrangements like white board and pen or Black Board and Chalks for demonstration.
  5. All the persons attending the lecture must give full name and signature specimen in duplicate.
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