Signature Science

Individual is identified by his Photograph and/or his Signature and any organization is identified by its Logo, Symbol and Name.

Leaving aside the photographs and names, the style, dots, dashes, curves and choice of selections/omissions/abbreviations and formation of various letters/shapes are always different for every individual. All these traits are basically the result of orders from mind. The correlations of these traits with orientation of mind and thus strengths and weaknesses of individuals as well as organizations have been studied scientifically. Thousands of formulas have been evaluated which are applicable universally. It have been established that the Signature/ Logo

- Is a Tool to Read & Tune the Human Brains
- Is Mirror of mind.
- Reflects nature, character, behavior and overall personality of any individual.
- Informs the performance parameters of any organization
- Changes with change in maturity/mind set.

Your mindset can also be tuned by changing your signatures.

Signature v/s Graphology

Though, my basic system is a little like Graphology, yet, it is quite different from normal accepted old system in the world of Graphology. I have developed it entirely in a different way. My de-codifications for various traits are different. Graphologists throughout the world believed earlier that signature reflects as to how a person wants to pose himself and that handwriting reveals the truth. Various traits were accordingly de-codified in old Graphology. Whereas, after an in-depth study of few thousand Signatures, I found that hand writing only reflects the mental status of its writer at a particular time, whereas the Signature informs his basic nature, which does not change with temporary circumstances. When basic psycho system, belief & nature of any individual is changing due to experience and time, the Signatures also keep changing accordingly but Signatures will never be different with moods or day-to-day events or anxiety at those moments.

How It Works and Helps

Mind & Body will always be functioning in synchronized way. Body language informs the status of mind at a particular time. Laugh, happiness, smile, cry etc. will always be inside the mind and reflected over face and other body signs. A spastic child has a different facial looks. All these parameters do confirm that every change in mind will change your body. But, whether body movements can change mind? Yes, you can sense this if you observe certain routines. Why you feel fresh after a bath? Why you feel great if you are well dressed? Why you are given particular posture for meditation? How quiet, smooth & long breathing reduces your mental anxiety? The answer to all these observation is only one - By changing the body movements forcefully, we can definitely change the track of mind.