Universal Computer

Let us consider the whole universe as a computer operated system. The POWER, which governs the universal computer, is being called by various names like THE GOD or simply THE NATURE. This power does exist in each and every element in this universe. By existence of this power, we can say that each and every particle is capable to operate this universal computer. With this, we can safely assume that each and every human being is having his own Terminal for addition, alteration or simply viewing the operations in this universal computer. Otherwise also, as per Newton’s law, theoretically, even a little movement of a particle does move the whole universe. We can safely thus proceed further with our assumptions of having the operating terminal with each individual.

Now, the SOFTWARE. Let us say that a variety of a Software are available in this Universal Computer and we say that Physical action, Material Science, Medical Science, Education/Training, Psychology, Meditation, spiritualism, etc are all among a few of the software known to human being. Let us now examine our assumptions one by one as under:



1. Medical Science One can know the status of health and cure also
2. Material Science One can know the reasons of a number of Changes in this universe, can create equipments for his comforts and can try to disturb others.
3. Physical Action Able to observe various movements, can break a stone can walk on the road.
4.Education/Training Can learn engineering, can learn etiquettes, can fight others.
5. Psychology/Meditation Can understand the social changes and can learn Spiritualism to lead a well-behaved and happier life.

The Inference:

  1. Yes, each and every human being, with the help of one or a combination of a few of such software will be capable to visualize the operations of this universe. The visibility will depend upon the clearity of his own screen (Self vision). The power of the battery (self Strength) at his terminal and of course his training over the software.
  2. 2. He is able to do material changes in this universe (of course with permission of the main Governor) and thus is able to change the way of his own life or even a few lives in his own way by use of one or a combination of a few of such software. The capability will, however, once again depend on clarity of his screen, power at his terminal and on top of it – The knowledge of software.

Having learnt the above, here I have to add that the SIGNATURE also is one of those SOFTWARE and the way any individual is adopting a particular Signature, he is clearly indicating various functional keys he has operated at his terminal, knowingly or unknowingly and an expert in SIGNATURE SOFTWARE can easily read the conditions through which the writer is passing or designing his life. The expert can further guide as to how by operating few other keys (i.e. by changing the Signature) he can redesign his way of life.

If a medicine can save one’s life, Yes, The Signature style can change his Life.

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