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Welcome to a special era in the field of Graphology viz. the SIGNATURE SCIENCE.
The Nature, Character, Personality, Relationship and Approach of any individual is analyzed and improved by individual’s Signature. Similarly, Overall Performance of any organization is identified and can be improved by the Logo/Symbol and the way of writing the name of organization.
Thanks for your interest in the subject. I am surely interested in helping you.  I assure you of my sincere and timely response.

Dear Reader

I am proud to introduce myself as 1949 born, Mechanical Engineer by Education, Social person by nature, Counselor by Hobby and Scientific in my approach with high spiritual and Moral Values.

In the year 1985, While I was pursuing my Engineering profession . I got fascinated with Graphology. My Scientific mind soon realized that as compared to Handwriting, the ‘Signature’ is a better, quicker, deeper and more exact tool to judge the individual characteristics. This forced me for an extensive research over various traits of the Signatures independent of the then existing Graphology.  

After Satisfactory Experimentations over hundreds of individuals for over 15 years, at the beginning of new Millennium (The Year 2001) I adopted this wonderful science as my Full Time Profession. Basics of my research findings have been recorded in my book “Success or Failure, Friends or Enemies - Signatures Unfold Reality”.  I am happy that this book is now being referred by many of the graphologist throughout the world.

Description of Book

This book is written in simple words so that the readers will be able to grasp the subject easily and will be able to take advantage of this science practically.

This book gives very useful formulas to analyze the individual’s nature, character, personality and relationship aspects just by reading his/her signatures. One will be able to know the inner realities of friends, relatives, business relations and all others just by analysis of the signatures based on the formulas given in this book. The language is for beginners in the subject. Easily digestible but pure and direct knowledge, without any sort of success stories etc to reduce the volume.

The book covers the following Topics:

  • Changing the Signature
  • Looks
  • Clarity, Readability and Perfectness
  • Continuity, Connectivity, Breaks & Overlapping
  • Base Line
  • Slants
  • Zones
  • Connecting Stroke
  • Shades
  • Coverings
  • Boats
  • Underline/ Underscoring
  • Dots
  • Surname
  • Size, Height, Width and Length
  • First Letter
  • Last Letter
  • ‘y’, ‘g’, ‘j’ and ‘f’ Formations
  • Tit Bits
  • Original Findings

The price of this 160 pages, 130 GSM Art Paper, hard bound book is kept only Rs. 500/ each for India and US $ 25/ for any other country.

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