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Welcome to a special era in the field of Graphology viz.  the  SIGNATURE  SCIENCE . The Nature, Character, Personality, Relationship and Approach of any individual is analysed and improved by individual’s Signature. Similarly, Overall Performance of any organization is identified and can be improved by the Logo / Symbol and the way of writing the name of organization. The layout of various elements in stationery design also gives much impact on performance of any organisation.

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Dear Reader

I am proud to introduce myself as 1949 born, Mechanical Engineer by Education, Social person by nature, Counsellor by Hobby and Scientific in my approach with high spiritual and Moral Values.

In the year 1985, While I was pursuing my Engineering profession, I got fascinated with Graphology. My Scientific mind soon realized that as compared to Handwriting, the ‘Signature’ is a better, quicker, deeper and more exact tool to judge the individual characteristics. This forced me for an extensive research over various traits of the Signatures independent of the then existing Graphology.

After Satisfactory Experimentations over hundreds of individuals for over 15 years, at the beginning of new Millennium (The Year 2001) I adopted this wonderful science as my Full Time Profession. Basics of my research findings have been recorded in my book “Success or Failure, Friends or Enemies – Signatures Unfold Reality”.  I am happy that this book is now being referred by many of the graphologist throughout the world.

Success Story

Success Stories are hundreds Nut-shell, I can mention as under :

  • Has improved the quality of life for hundreds and thousands merely by guiding them to write their signatures in correct way.
  • Helped a number of couples to sort out their conflicts and they were saved from divorcemerely by changing the signatures.
  • Five couples by now are blessed with their child after they changed their signatures. They failed for more than 10 years efforts with various medicines by various doctors.
  • Helped three individuals, by now, in reducing their stammering.
  • A number of individuals could come out of the state of “depression”, just by writing the signatures properly.
  • Helped individuals to get rid of various vices.
  • Helped more than 550 Corporate and establishments to improve their performances by giving suitable changes in their Symbols, Logos and stationary designs. I have proved that Symbols and Logos are basically Signatures of the Companies.
  • Corporate clients from India, US, Australia, Russia, UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Philippines, Oman etc.  are referring me before appointing any person from peon to president level.
  • Lectured on the subject at various cities in India and abroad (Including in US, Australia, Dubai, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Bangkok, Abu-Dhabi.
  • Appreciated by more than 350 of news papers, periodicals and TV Channels throughout India and overseas and they have published my interviews.
  • Writing detailed Books on various traits for extensive knowledge in the field.


  1. Personality Enhancement
  2. Improving Health
  3. Knowing Others
  1. Logo and Stationery Design
  2. Selection of Personnel
  3. Searching Black Sheep
  4. Partial Lay Off
  5. Training Seminars

Description Of Book

The title of The Book is “Success or Failure, Friends or Enemies, Signatures Unfold Reality”.

This book gives very useful formulas to analyze the individual’s nature, character, personality and relationship aspects just by reading his/her signatures. One will be able to know the inner realities of friends, relatives, business relations and all others just by analysis of the signatures based on the formulas given in this book.

The language is for beginners in the subject. Easily digestible but pure and direct knowledge, without any sort of success stories etc to reduce the volume.

The book covers the following Topics:

Analyze your signature today